Saturday, July 13, 2013

Clay and gemstones

Eva (from czech minerals), who is also potter, sensed my interest in nature materials in combinations with clay and sugested if I would like to have some gemstones send to see what they do in fire. It seems I receive this box of gemstones just in right time, when working on couple of project with surface, which called for a gem on top. I tested some of those (and will still keep on testing) in fire. The results were different for each, some did not move, some explode, some fire out, some turn to glaze and some reacted by half melting. It also seems a little irony, that from those entire tests the two stones, who shown the best possibilities for my purpose can be found in my country. As I do not know much about gemstones I realized that only after already using them on my work and than researching information about them. So here they are moldavite and crystals forever bind with clay by fire.

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