Sunday, May 26, 2013

Pottery for five senses - Exhibition in Kulturkeller Dobersberg

As a couple we work on tea setting for almost 8 years now and with each kiln our understanding of individual aspect of the way of tea is growing. Tea settings are pictures composed of many parts, which complement each other, support each other and together they compose balanced and functional unit. We strongly believe that art of tea pottery can bring alive all senses. It is not only visual experience. Sound of pouring water, crackling of charcoal pleases ear, the aroma of the tea pleases nose, tea pleases body and the touch of handmade object pleases hands.

Tea experience never overwhelms these senses, it talks in subtle way. In quiet surroundings of one or with a group of friends it is able to bring senses alive, the sense, which seems to be omitted these days.

  • Often we hold thing, but rarely touch - and yet - standing close to a beautiful tree - one still feels urge to touch it. We use touch to express our strongest feelings, where words can never be enough, in sadness, in happiness, in love… We all know that hug or hand touch can say so much more, then we could ever be able compile in words. 
  • Often we are aware of smell, but rarely of an aroma – and yet – when somebody brings flowers the first thing one does is to smell the aroma to catch it in nose for a moment. 
  • Often our surroundings is full of sounds, we hear, but rarely listen – and yet – when walking in nature by the stream, who would not stop and listen for a while.
  • Often we eat and drink, but rarely taste, rarely distinguishes the variety of tastes in our mouth. With each cup of tea we can. 

In a way of seeing and knowing through use the visual is first, but not last sense in which objects are appreciated.

Tea settings are definitely not a still life, they meant to be arranged, moved and experienced. By use they come alive, with the tea they change, acquire a patina, mature and in time (just the same as old person), they talk. Tea leaves are created from rain, soil, sun and hundred years old wisdom of farmers. Our tea ceramics than is from clay, fire and creative spirit of pottery workshop. With tea bowl in your hands everything comes together with your story and lives on.

More photos of photographer Michal Zajačik from our exibition EINKEHR ZUM TEE in Kulturkeller Dobersberg you can see here.