Saturday, January 19, 2013

Form - always something to explore

FORM - The shape and structure of an object is an ongoing source of fun, entertainment and challenge for potter as when it comes to clay there are almost no limitations. Pretty much everything what is in your head can be transfer to clay.

I am often asked by bonsai people to make some shapes of my pots in different dimension. Trees are living organisms, unique and original by its nature and so it is up to potter to fit the pot to the tree – not the other way around – it would not make any sense. Over the time I realized that the pure recalculation of different proportion to make pot smaller, bigger or higher just does not work. The form, when transformed by pure calculations does not only FEEL same, usually just plain looks odd. It needs different approach – it needs for me to understand what each form in its original size feels like, what on the form speaks (curves, horizontal shape, vertical shape, edges and details) and then transfer this exact same notion to different size. That seem to work for me much better and although I am still on the start point in exploring forms I like the transformed forms much better and they seem to feel right (I do not like to fire anything, which does not feel right to me and I did almost always destroy those done by pure calculations of dimensions)

I do include some photos to these little thoughts of my, but purely just for fun as pictures never speak much of size. Top bonsai pots are 210x122mm and 216x60mm, the tea boats are 680x110mm and 530x80, the bottom bonsai pots are 250x65mm and 295x107.

I hope you have as much fun exploring forms as I do…

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